ITL Insulated 6″ Wire Stripping Pliers

  • Insulated End Wire Strippers with adjustment screw designed for cutting insulation on wire.
  • Fully insulated, exceeding international standards.
  • Lifetime guarantee on tool and insulation.
  • Made using a unique injection moulded process.

More Information

The ITL Insulated 6″ Wire Stripping Pliers are essential tools for safely and precisely stripping insulation from wires. With a compact 6-inch size, these wire stripping pliers offer versatility and ease of use in various applications.

Designed for efficiency, these pliers feature an adjustment screw, allowing users to customize the cutting depth and strip insulation with precision. The insulated end ensures electrical safety, surpassing international standards for electrical tools.

The wire stripping pliers are fully insulated, providing an additional layer of protection for users working in live electrical environments. This insulation not only enhances safety but also contributes to the durability and longevity of the tool.

With a commitment to quality, these wire stripping pliers come with a lifetime guarantee on both the tool and insulation. The use of a unique injection-molded process in manufacturing ensures reliability and performance, making these pliers a valuable addition to any toolkit.

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ITL Insulated 6″ Wire Stripping Pliers
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