ITL 3/8″ Drive Extension bars

  • Chrome-Vanadium finished.
  • Fully insulated, exceeding international standards.
  • Lifetime guarantee on tool and insulation.
  • Made using a unique injection moulded process.


  • 3/8″ Drive Extension 3″/75mm
  • 3/8″ Drive Extension 5″/130mm
  • 3/8″ Drive Extension 10″/250mm

More Information

ITL 3/8″ Drive Extension bars are crafted with precision and durability, making them a reliable choice for a variety of applications. These extension bars, made with a chrome-vanadium finish, stand out for their quality construction and unique features.
Key Features:
Chrome-Vanadium Finish: ITL 3/8″ Drive Extension bars are constructed with a chrome-vanadium finish, a high-quality material known for its strength and corrosion resistance. This finish enhances the longevity and performance of the extension bars.
Fully Insulated: The extension bars are fully insulated, exceeding international standards for electrical safety. This feature makes them suitable for use in environments with live electrical components, ensuring the safety of users during various applications.
Lifetime Guarantee: The extension bars come with a lifetime guarantee, providing users with confidence in the tool’s durability and long-term performance. This guarantee underscores the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
Unique Injection-Molded Process: The extension bars are manufactured using a unique injection-molded process. This process contributes to the insulation’s effectiveness, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of the extension bars.
These Extension Bars are versatile additions to any toolkit, offering a combination of durability, electrical safety, and a lifetime guarantee. Whether used in electrical work, automotive applications, or other settings, these extension bars provide the assurance of high-quality performance over the long term.
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ITL 3/8″ Drive Extension bars
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