Ikura ISK-MP18LT battery hydraulic hole punch

The Ikura ISK-MP18LT battery hydraulic hole punch is engineered for efficient hole punching. This device is capable of creating an 18mm hole through 6mm steel or 4mm stainless steel, demonstrating its versatility and precision.

In terms of convenience, the tool stands out as portable and lightweight, with a total weight of only 7.9kg, including the battery. This feature ensures ease of use and maneuverability in various work settings.

Discover how the Ikura ISK-MP18LT can streamline your hole-punching tasks, offering both power and accuracy for your projects.

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More Information

Motor: 18V DC
Battery pack: 18V DC 4.0Ah (lithium ion)
Charging time: 80 minutes
Output: 127.4kN
Stroke: 14mm
Weight: 7.9kg (including battery pack)

Standard accessories
Single-ended wrench #10/17
Hex wrench #3
Battery pack x 1
Punch/die set (11B)
Carrying case (resin)

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Ikura ISK-MP18LT battery hydraulic hole punch
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