PB-10N Hydraulic Pipe Bender

The Izumi PB-10N was designed to bend various sizes and various thickness of steel pipes without deformation.

An aluminum alloy frame makes this bender lighter so that it can be easily carried to the job site.

Bending shoes are designed to bend standard conduit pipe and gas pipe.

Can be powered from any 10,000psi hydraulic pump.

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Weight: 15Kg (without pivot and bending shoes)
Output force: 108kN
Ram stroke: 250mm
Made in Japan

Included bending shoes:
SGP-15 (1/2″ NB) 21.7mm OD
SGP-20 (3/4″ NB) 27.2mm OD
SGP-25 (1″ NB) 34.0mm OD
SGP-32 (1 1/4″ NB) 42.7mm OD
SGP-40 (1 1/2″ NB) 48.6mm OD
SGP-50 (2″ NB) 60.5mm OD

Other shoes sizes are also available.


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PB-10N Hydraulic Pipe Bender
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