Durapac SDN Series High Tonnage Lifting Jack and Stand

The SDN jack boasts an ergonomic design, making it effortlessly maneuverable across job sites. Specifically engineered for lifting heavy mining vehicles, it’s adaptable for use on various hard surfaces like maintenance bays and workshops. Plus, its portability is enhanced by its compatibility with utes, ensuring easy transportation to any location.

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Effortless Mobility
Equipped with a wheeled chassis featuring an ergonomically designed handle system that can be adjusted, facilitating easy maneuverability by a single individual.

Robust & Dependable
Constructed from steel (rather than cast), the chassis frame ensures maximum durability and longevity.

Remote Operation
For enhanced safety measures, a 5-meter remote control pendant is included, allowing the operator to remain clear of potential hazards.

Optional Add-Ons
Mechanical load support is provided by U-rings, with extensions and tilt saddles also offered as optional accessories.

Capable of self-propelling up workshop slopes of up to 5 degrees.

Controlled Load Descent
Smooth and controlled lowering of the load is enabled by a counterbalance valve.


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Durapac SDN Series High Tonnage Lifting Jack and Stand
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