Durapac DJS-650, DJS-800 & DJS-1000 Jack Stands

The DJS-Series Jack Stand is custom-made to complement Durapac’s Safe D Lock® jacks. It utilizes pneumatic assistance to elevate the central piston against the vehicle, while the operator winds down the lock nut.

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Certified for 100 Tonnes:
The DJS-Series Jack Stands are officially certified for a weight capacity of 100 tonnes, meeting the AS/NZS 2538:2004 standard for vehicle support stands.

Ease of Handling:
Designed for convenience, they feature fork tine pockets and shackle lifting points for easy handling.

They are compatible with standard SDL extensions, load, and swivel load caps.

Customizable Stands:
By utilizing continuous tine pockets, these stands can be permanently joined to create dedicated setups tailored for specific vehicles or applications.

3-Way / 3-Position Control Valve:
Equipped with a 3-way, 2-position control valve, allowing precise release of air from the cylinder.

For added ease, an optional transport trolley is available, facilitating the movement of the stand.

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Durapac DJS-650, DJS-800 & DJS-1000 Jack Stands
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