Durapac PEM3024 Electric Hydraulic Power Unit

The PEM3024 Electric Hydraulic Power Unit provides a flow rate of 10.5 Lpm at pressures up to 100 bar and 2.1 Lpm at pressures up to 700 bar.

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Low Pressure Unloading Valve:
The power unit is equipped with an integrated low-pressure unloading valve.

Safety Pressure:
With a safety pressure relief valve set at 700 bar, the power unit ensures safety during operation.

Perfect Power:
Driven by a 3.0 kW, 415 Volt / 50 Hz, 3-phase electric motor, the power unit delivers optimal performance.

Medium to Large Tonnage:
Designed for effectively operating medium to large tonnage cylinders and systems.

Remote Pendant:
Included with a 4-meter remote pendant, facilitating convenient ON/OFF control of the electric motor.

Adjustable Pressure:
Featuring an externally adjustable pressure relief valve for customized pressure settings.

* Standard supply is motor mounted ON/OFF/JOG switch. Remote pendant is optional.
To order with remote pendant; add “R” to the end of the model number.
^ Standard supply includes roll frame and 63mm diameter pressure gauge.

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Durapac PEM3024 Electric Hydraulic Power Unit
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