ITH Eco-MAX electric hydraulic pumps

Advantages of the Eco-MAX series

Designed for standard applications, medium number of cycles
Suitable for on-site use: Weight optimized and compact with modular design
One part and wear-free rotor-eccentric shaft
Eco-MAX 18: Two hydraulic couplings provide the ability to use a number of bolt tensioning cylinders for the simultaneously pre tensioning of the bolt connections (ITH Multi-Tensioning)
Easy one-man operation, fast working process with the remote control

Performance data overview of the Eco-MAX series

Available pressure ratings (Max. working pressure): 1250 bar and 1500 bar
Voltage range 90 V – 480 V for 50 Hz and / or 60Hz (multi range motor)

Pressure build up: Options for Eco-MAX 18

Remote control standard (10m cord)
Option: Digital remote displaying pressures (10m cord)
Option: APC Automatic Pressure Control

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