Durapac DBJ Small Hydraulic Bottle Jacks (Manual)

The DBJ-Series Bottle Jacks represent a high-quality selection, perfectly tailored for a wide range of industrial lifting and pushing tasks.
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With capacities ranging from 10 to 20 tons (9-18 tonnes), these models come equipped with an extra screw extension, allowing for versatile use in both vertical and horizontal orientations.
Additionally, spare parts and seal kits are readily accessible for maintenance purposes across all jack variations.




Product Features:
Ease of Use – Designed for Ease of Use and Handling
Chrome Plated – Steel Piston Rod Resists Corrosion and Extends Life
Operating Handle
Internal Stroke Limiter – Prevents Pistol Rod Over-Extension
Carbon Steel Base is Automatically Welded to Ensure Increased Resistance to High Pressure and Provide Greater Durability
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Durapac DBJ Small Hydraulic Bottle Jacks (Manual)
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