Alkitronic R/SG Series Torque Wrench for Plate Heat Exchangers

Alkitronic R/SG Series Electric Torque Wrenchs are ideally specialized for bolting connections on plate heat exchangers, e.g. in the food and beverage sector, the paper industry, and the chemical industry. They save much time when tightening and loosening plate packs where perfect retention and absolute tightness are essential.
Reliable, low-wear operation due to continuous rotation when bolting with spindles or long threaded bolts.
Depending on the application, electrical or pneumatic driven torque multipliers: torque up to 4,800 Nm.

Made by Alkitronic in Germany.

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Specifications and Features:

  • Load-free operation, with short assembly time.
  • Fast simultaneous tightening of large plate packs when using two or more torque multipliers diagonally.
  • Alkitronic® RCL, CL2-SG and battery driven torque multiplier EA with fast gear for turning in and simple, quick switching to power gear.
  • Targeted types for convenient working in every tightening situation: Among other options between radial gearing (R) with high-performance, worm drive; tangential gearing (SG) with highly efficient spur gear.
  • Long lifetime due to extremely robust motor housing made of cast aluminum or break-proof polymer.
  • Pneumatic driven models:
    Prerequisites for best work with the indicated torques are an operating pressure of 2-7 bar at a volume flow of approx. 10-15 l/s. The torque accuracy depends on the stability of the supply system.
  • Electric driven models:
    Universal AC input 100 V – 253 V, frequency 45 Hz – 66 Hz, power max.
    2000 W, protection category I, EFCip with protection class IP 54 (EF optional). EA models with two lithium-ion battery packs 18 V, 5.2 Ah, and battery charger.
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Alkitronic R/SG Series Torque Wrench for Plate Heat Exchangers
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