Airtec Master 35 Petrol Powered Impact Wrench

The NEW Master 35® Impact Wrench has the same reliable, high quality impact mechanism and gear box which has been used during the past thirty years and is now powered by a more powerful engine which complies with EUR5 and EPA3 low emission standards.

Because of its increased power and high engineering specification it will remove/fit most Chairscrews and Fishplate Nuts in under three seconds and using one of our Safety Quick Release Auger Attachment drill holes in Wooden Sleepers.

It is easily carried by one person, operator friendly, has good balance, easy to repair and because it is so fast reduces the potential harm of vibration exposure especially when fitted to our tool carrier.

Additional Information

More Information

  • Petrol powered impact wrench
  • Engine Type: EMAK 63.4cc two-stroke, 3.4 HP (2.6kW) @ 7800rpm
  • Torque range: 500 to 2500Nm approximately
  • Drive: 1″ square
  • Weight: 17.9kg
  • NOTE: Impact sockets are also available
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Airtec Master 35 Petrol Powered Impact Wrench
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