Slingco’s 35KV Jumper Clamp serves as a vital component in jumper cable assemblies, offering a reliable solution to bypass work areas during equipment repair or upgrades. Engineered for durability and efficiency, these clamps exhibit lightweight construction and impact resistance.

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Key Features:


Lightweight and Impact Resistant: The 35KV Jumper Clamps from Slingco are crafted to be lightweight and impact-resistant, ensuring durability in diverse operational environments.


Transparent Clamp Body: The clamp features a transparent body, facilitating easy inspection of the cable, ferrule, and clamp components. This transparency enhances visibility during installation and maintenance.


Copper-Based Alloy Construction: The clamp and floating ring contact are constructed from a copper-based alloy, contributing to both conductivity and corrosion resistance.


Meets ASTM F2321 Standard: Slingco’s 35KV Jumper Clamp complies with the ASTM F2321 standard, ensuring adherence to industry specifications for electrical equipment.


Operational Advantages:


Durable Cable Bypass Solution: As part of jumper cable assemblies, these clamps provide a robust solution to bypass work areas during equipment repairs or upgrades.


Efficient Inspection: The transparent clamp body allows for easy visual inspection of cable, ferrule, and clamp components, streamlining maintenance procedures.


Conductive and Corrosion Resistant: The copper-based alloy construction ensures efficient conductivity while resisting corrosion, enhancing the overall longevity of the clamp.




Voltage Rating: Designed for use in 35KV applications, the jumper clamp meets the specific requirements of high-voltage environments.
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