CL11 Curved Base Magnetic Manhole Lifter

Universal magnetic lifter with curved base to ensure the best magnetic adhesion on the circumference of circular manhole covers also with “filling” cast iron frame and in asphalt / stone / cement with central metal disc.

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The tool can lift any common cover or grille in cast iron and ferrous materials. CL11 features an extendable side foot that gives the right lifting geometry and assures full up force when lifting hinged covers with the handle blocked in horizontal position (see pictures below). The handle is telescopic and folding to allow ergonomics and minimal space for transport. The particular tool configuration assures an exclusive versatility of use in 3 different ways. The plate with 18 powerful neodymium magnets gives 420 Kg lifting force with a weight of only 7 Kg.

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CL11 Curved Base Magnetic Manhole Lifter
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