Permanent Magnet Cover Lifters

The magnets can deliver a maximum lifting force of: PM 400 – 400 Kg PM 500 – 500 Kg PM1000 – Kg 1000, but in ideal ferrous surface condition the lifting capacity is much higher. Using these magnets guarantees easy and fast operations in totally safe conditions. The magnetic force is activated and deactivated by an ON/OFF lever that gives instant control and an easy detachment after the use, the lever features a safety button that avoids unwanted deactivation, the magnets can also be used by lifting with the arm of mini excavators or truck cranes, typical applications of the PM1000.

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Powerful magnets to be used in combination with folding levers APS90 – APS80, with trolley LK70, with mini excavators and cranes, for lifting very heavy ferrous manhole covers.

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Permanent Magnet Cover Lifters
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