1 Ton Engine Crane

The 1 Ton Engine Crane is a crucial tool in the automotive industry, designed for efficient removal and installation of internal car parts, particularly engines. Here are the key features and application

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Equipped with a swivel hook, the engine crane ensures secure attachment and controlled lifting during automotive tasks. The hydraulic lifting mechanism ensures smooth and controlled elevation, allowing technicians to handle heavy loads with ease. The 360-degree swiveling feature enhances flexibility in positioning engines and components during tasks.


To enhance stability, the engine crane features adjustable legs, adapting to different working environments and ensuring a secure foundation. Lockable wheels are incorporated to prevent movement during operation, providing added safety. The crane is constructed with heavy-duty materials, ensuring durability to withstand the demands of automotive engine removal and installation.


Safety features, including overload protection, are integrated to prevent exceeding weight capacity and ensure safe operation. The crane is versatile, suitable for a wide range of applications, including the removal and installation of internal car parts, engines, and other heavy components.


Designed for portability, the crane facilitates easy transport and mobility around the workshop, contributing to increased efficiency in automotive repair and maintenance. Overall, the 1 Ton Engine Crane is a reliable and indispensable tool for automotive professionals, combining strength, flexibility, and safety in handling heavy loads.

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1 Ton Engine Crane
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