Portable Gantry - 5000 KG

Portable Gantry – 5000 KG

The top quality and highly durable Reid Portable Gantry – 5000 KG is lightweight and extremely strong. This portable lifting system can be manually assembled, using just four bolts and can safely lift to 5000kg, making it ideal for multiple applications.

This system offers an overhead anchor point for multiple users for fall protection, whilst also providing great versatility for lifting materials. The Porta gantry range is highly customisable to meet your specific needs, with a variety of A-frame height configurations and beam lengths available.

A number hanging trolleys can be added to provide safe access for multiple man lifting and goods hauling all at once.

Has been used around the world for nearly every imaginable application like workshop Gantries, fall arrestors for personnel loading large cargo in containers, installing jet engines into airplanes and even land speed champion rocket cars.

Designed and manufactured by Reid in the UK they have a long list of awards and recognition for both engineering excellence and for health and safety innovation.

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Portable Gantry – 5000 KG Features:


Can support goods and personnel lifting; Goods WLL of up to 5000kg and Personnel WLL of up to 2500kg

Suitable for up to 5 persons for fall protection applications

Beams and A-frames can be interchanged

Ergonomic 360° swivel-locking castors, as standard

Ease of assembly including height and span adjustment

Anodised for increased corrosion resistance

Engineered designs and bespoke sections reduce weight, providing lightweight portability


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