Walking the Torque

The whole point of torque wrenches is that they measure force and indicate when the required force is met. Yet, according to HTC Ltd, if they are not calibrated correctly, they can create dangerous and unnecessary risks for the equipment being worked on and for the operator’s safety. “Most of us have used a torque

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Torque Tool Types

This time let’s review the common types of tools on the market. Manual Torque Wrenches– Click, break-back, or dial/digital wrenches are by far the most common and recognised tools, from small screw drivers used on plastic to large break back style wrenches used on truck wheel lugs. As the name implies, these wrenches are human

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Service and Calibration of Torque Wrenches 

We now understand the importance of accurately tightening fasteners to manufacturer’s specifications, in order to prevent downtime, non-compliance, or injury to ourselves or others. To maintain precision, tools need to be well serviced and calibrated by trained individuals using the correct testing equipment which meets international standards. For the most part, torque wrenches use springs,

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