Wayco Reversible Torque Wrench 1/2″Dr, 72 teeth 60-300Nm (45-220ft/lb), ±3%. Display Window. L 605mm

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The Wayco Reversible Torque Wrench in the 1/2″ Drive configuration is a high-quality tool designed for precision and durability.

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High-Quality Repeatable Torque Output:
The torque wrench ensures a consistent and repeatable torque output, providing reliability in various applications.


Reversible Torque Wrench:
Designed for both right and left-hand tightening, offering versatility for a wide range of tasks.


Robust 72-Tooth Ratchet Movement:
The fine ratchet movement with a 72-tooth ratchet and 5° gear action ensures a robust mechanism for accurate torque application.


Easily Readable Dual Scale:
The torque values are easily readable on the dual scale, indicating torque in both Newton-meters (Nm) and Foot-pounds (Ft-lb) below the display window.


Additional Micrometer Scale:
The wrench features an additional micrometer scale for setting interim torque values with precision.


Ergonomically Shaped Handle Grip:
The ergonomic handle design ensures user comfort during extended use and provides a secure grip for precise control.


Locking Button for Torque Setting:
The locking button enables reliable locking of the torque setting, preventing unintentional adjustments during use.


Factory Calibration Certificate:
Supplied with a factory calibration certificate, assuring users of accurate torque readings and adherence to quality standards.


Protective Blow-Mould Storage Case:
The wrench includes a protective blow-mould storage case, ensuring safe storage and transportation.


Quality Standards Compliance:
The torque wrench meets the stringent quality standards of DIN ISO 6789 and ASME B107.300-2010, ensuring its reliability and performance.


Tolerance of Torque ±3%:
The torque wrench provides a high level of accuracy with a tolerance of ±3%, making it suitable for applications demanding precision.
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Wayco Reversible Torque Wrench 1/2″Dr, 72 teeth 60-300Nm (45-220ft/lb), ±3%. Display Window. L 605mm
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