Torque multiplier with Over-load protection

Torque multiplier including safety design: Over-load protection by a shear pin
Power classes up to 10,000 Nm
Flexible use: Ready for on-site construction, various sockets are available

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ITH Mechanical Torque multiplier MDS, a powerful and versatile manual torque multiplier designed for precision and reliability.

Key Features:

Torque Multiplier with Safety Design: Equipped with a built-in safety design, including over-load protection by a shear pin. This ensures operational safety and protects the tool from excessive loads.

Impressive Power Classes: With power classes reaching up to 10,000 Nm, the ITH MDS is a powerhouse, delivering exceptional torque for a wide range of applications, even in the most demanding tasks.

Flexible On-Site Construction: Ready for on-site construction, the torque multiplier offers adaptability with various sockets, making it a versatile tool suitable for diverse applications.

Square Drive (Above) 1/2”: The 1/2” square drive (above) ensures compatibility with various sockets and tools, providing flexibility in torque application.

Switchable Backstop: The backstop can be easily switched for tightening or loosening (L / R), adding convenience and efficiency to your torque operations.

Planetary Gearbox: Featuring a planetary gearbox for multiplying the torque value, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the torque multiplier.

Fine-Toothed Housing: The fine-toothed housing allows for ideal positioning of the reaction arm in 360°. This makes it ideal for the swivel foot, twin reaction arm, or special reaction arms, ensuring precise torque application.

Square Drive A (Down) 1” or 1 1/2”: With a 1” or 1 1/2” square drive (down), the ITH MDS accommodates various sockets, including hexagon sockets, hexagon drives, and more.

Operational Advantages:

Manual Torque Application: The manual torque multiplier type MDS is driven by a handheld torque wrench, providing operators with control and flexibility.

Enhanced Safety Measures: The shear pin over-load protection and safety design prioritize operational safety, preventing damage and ensuring a secure torque application process.

Upgrade your torque operations with the precision, power, and versatility of the ITH Mechanical Nut Runner MDS. For more information or to integrate this advanced tool into your operations, please contact us.

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Torque multiplier with Over-load protection
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