The Bulldog Original Bender

Wire bending tool for up to 500 MCM
WIRE BENDING MADE EASY! The Bulldog Bender is designed and manufactured by an electrician for electricians. Used for bending wires in panels, disconnects, LB’s and wire-ways.
The Bulldog Bender will prove to be a valuable tool to add to your arsenal. As with any specialty tool, with practice you will learn how to use the Bender to its full bending potential.

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Key Features:


  • Designed by Electricians for Electricians:

    The Bulldog Bender is crafted with insights from experienced electricians, ensuring that it meets the specific requirements of the trade. This design consideration enhances its practicality and usability in real-world applications.

  • Wire Bending Capability:

    The Bulldog Bender is engineered to handle wires with a size of up to 500 MCM (thousands of circular mils), offering versatility in bending various wire sizes commonly used in electrical installations.

  • Versatile Applications:

    This wire bending tool is suitable for use in a range of applications, including panels, disconnects, LB’s (pull and junction boxes), and wire-ways. Its versatility makes it a go-to tool for electricians working on diverse projects.

  • Ease of Use:

    The Bulldog Bender is providing electricians with a tool that is user-friendly and efficient. With practice, users can harness the full bending potential of the Bulldog Bender.

  • Practice for Optimal Use:

    Like any specialty tool, the Bulldog Bender benefits from practice. Electricians can enhance their proficiency in using the Bender, unlocking its full range of bending capabilities through hands-on experience.


The Bulldog Original Bender stands as a testament to its commitment to making wire bending tasks easy and efficient for electricians. With its thoughtful design, wire bending capability, and versatility in applications, the Bulldog Bender becomes an invaluable tool in the arsenal of electricians, contributing to the success and smooth execution of electrical installations.


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The Bulldog Original Bender
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