Ronin Tactical Lift

No longer reserved for your special ops, the Ronin Tactical Lift can be deployed across your entire force serving multiple functions from gear hauling to rescue.
Confidently hand the Ronin Tactical Lift off to any of your units to enhance their operational capabilities. The Ronin Tactical Lift has been developed to manage heavy loads in harsh environments despite its extremely compact size.

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  • Enhanced Operational Capabilities: The Ronin Tactical Lift is designed for deployment across diverse units, providing a range of functions, from gear hauling to rescue missions, and boosting overall operational capabilities.
  • Safe Working Load: With a safe working load of 350 lbs. (158.8 kg), the STL ensures the secure ascent and descent of heavy loads in various operational scenarios.
  • Variable Speed Control: The ascender features variable speed control (0.5 – 2.4 ft./sec), allowing operators to adjust the speed according to the requirements of the mission.
  • Hands-Free Braking System: A hands-free braking system enhances safety during operations, providing precise control over the ascent and descent process.
  • Gravity Feed Descent: The gravity feed descent mechanism adds an extra layer of control, ensuring a controlled and safe descent.
  • Automatic End Feed Rope Loading: The STL incorporates an automatic end feed rope loading system that securely holds the rope inside the lift, preventing accidental detachment.
  • Angled Ascents: The ascender is designed to allow angled ascents, providing flexibility in navigating various terrains and structures.
  • Hot-Swappable Lithium Battery: Equipped with a hot-swappable lithium battery, the STL ensures continuous operation with minimal downtime.
  • Water Resistant IP54 Rating: The ascender is built to withstand water exposure with an IP54 rating, ensuring reliability in various weather conditions.
  • Quieter Gearbox/Motor Combination: The STL features a quieter gearbox/motor combination, minimizing noise during operations for enhanced stealth.
  • Operating Temperature Range: Capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 120°F (-20°C to +49°C), the STL is adaptable to various environmental conditions.
  • Battery Indicator Power Selector Switch: The ascender includes a battery indicator power selector switch, allowing operators to choose whether the battery indicator reading is on or off.
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Ronin Tactical Lift
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