SD-15PR-ECO Wooden Sleeper Drill

This new, patented unit has been designed and developed by Cembre, to provide optimum safety, both when using the drilling machine independently and with the machine fitted onto the trolley.

  • Compact and lightweight, the unit can be positioned and operated by a single person.
  • The unit enables vertical holes to be drilled quickly and efficiently.
  • If required, the angle of the Spindle Axis can be adjusted up to 5°.
  • The unit can quickly and easily be removed from the track
  • Made by Cembre in Italy.
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Specifications and Features:

  1. Accelerator
    Accelerator lever fitted with safety switch to prevent accidental operation.
  2. Centrifugal clutch
    Fitted with a centrifugal clutch; with the engine running at ‘tick over’ speed the drill bit is stationary. The accelerator controls the rotation of the drill bit.
  3. Operating handle
    Handle will rotate through 90° for operator comfort.
  4. Emergency lever
    Emergency lever for the immediate release of the drill bit.
  5. Shock absorbers
    Shock absorbers fitted between the drive shaft and spindle, reduce the transmission of machine vibrations to the operator.
  6. Carrying handle
    Carrying handle; also used for locating the drilling machine into the CS-SD trolley.
  7. Depth gauge
    Depth Gauge; easy to operate using the graduated scale, for adjusting the depth of drilled hole.
  8. MND spindle
    MND spindle, for automatically securing drill bits, with a 14 mm diameter shank.
  9. MND1 interchangeable spindle
    MND1 interchangeable spindle: Available as an optional accessory.
    For automatically securing drill bits, with a 16 mm diameter shank.
  10. Safety guard
    Safety guard: providing effective, total protection of the drill bit (325 mm). Spring loaded to guarantee the retraction of the drill bit from the sleeper on completion of the drilling operation, thereby minimising operator effort.
  11. Guard nozzle
    Interchangeable, Guard Nozzle TPM200-26, for locating into chairs and base plates, as commonly used on existing tracks.
  12. Engine
    New engine conforming to “phase 2” of 97/68/CE, 2001/63/CE and 2002/88/CE directives.
  13. Forward/Reverse selector
    Reverse action enables easy withdrawal of auger.
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SD-15PR-ECO Wooden Sleeper Drill
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