Marlin Battery Powered Coachscrewing Machine

A battery-powered coachscrewing machine featuring a proven and trustworthy mechanics on site
Activion® technology ensures reduced noise emissions, eliminates polluting gases and facilitates maintenance
Great ease of use for the operators thanks to an accurate and highly efficient tightening
Exceptional autonomy allowing to transport up to 5 batteries simultaneously

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Number of batteries that can be carried: Up to 5 batteries
Engine: Activion (patented)
Autonomy of 1 Marlin with 1 battery
– Tightening: up to 540 cycles
– Untightening: up to 900 cycles
Example of worksite with 4 Marlin equipped with 5 batteries (each)
– Tightening: up to 1,500 m (4,921 ft.)
– Untightening: up to 2,250 m (7,382 ft.)
Mass – 93 kg (205 lbs) without trolley
– Approx. 36 kg (77 lbs.) without battery
Dimensions: (L x L x H) 2,030 x 500 x 950 mm (80 x 20 x 37 in.) in working order
Maximum tightening torque: 40 daN.m
Maximum untightening torque: 170 daN.m
Max. rotation speed: 200 tr/min
Standard kit contains
– Battery-powered coachscrewing machine
– Hour meter
– LED headlight
– Two-spare-socket holder on the machine

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Marlin Battery Powered Coachscrewing Machine
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