Lancier Cable Feeder Caterpillar -Petrol/Diesel VKR Series

The VKR Series Cable Feeder Caterpillars are designed for laying underground cables which are sensitive to pulling-tension and surface pressure.

They may be used as a cable forward feeding roller either in association with a cabling winch, to reduce the pulling tension on the cable, or as a cable-laying roller on its own.

Several VKRs can be used along the cable track to provide an effective reduction in the pulling tension experienced by the cable. The number required will depend upon how sensitive the cable is to pulling tension and the difficulty of the run.

Made by Lancier in Germany.

More Information

  • Lancier VKR Petrol/Diesel Cable Feeder Caterpillar 700kg Pushing Force 30-150mm Cable Diameter at up to 10m/min
  • Features:
    • Driven by petrol or diesel motor
    • Length measuring device (option)
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Lancier Cable Feeder Caterpillar -Petrol/Diesel VKR Series
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