Jameson CompositLock™ Poles

Developed in response to safety concerns from our customers, Jameson offers fibreglass COMPOSITLOCK™ Poles with fibre reinforced composite ferrules.

COMPOSITLOCK™ Poles maintain insulating properties across pole sections for line-clearance tree work plus offer more secure pole connection for telecommunication, line clearance, arborist and landscape professionals.

Not A “Hot Stick” – Not For Use On Energized Lines

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STRONG, SECURE CONNECTIONS BETWEEN POLE SECTIONS Over-sized thread profile provides strong, secure connections, eliminating loose fit or “slop” required with traditional aluminum ferrules. The result is less binding, easy cleaning, and improved rigidity the entire working length of the pole.

SMOOTH FERRULE PROFILE Sunken rivets and threaded attachment result in a smooth profile that moves easily in foliage without snagging

Increased Safety when working around energized lines
Strong, Secure connections between pole sections
Smooth ferrule profile
Maximum durability, strength, UV & impact resistance
Strongest and most popular pole is lighter than foam core poles, offering greater control and exceptional bend strength
Polymer protective surface veil prevents fibre blooming at surface due to abrasion or ultra-violet light
Preferred for tree trimming & aerial construction
Batch tested to 100KV per foot for five minutes


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Jameson CompositLock™ Poles
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