Insulated Gumboots

Introducing the Dielectric Gumboot, a premier safety solution offered by HTC. Designed for demanding work environments, this gumboot boasts a range of features that prioritize safety and comfort while adhering to the highest industry standards, specifically AS/NZS 2210.3.
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Key Features of the Dielectric Gumboot:


Slip Resistance: Gumboot offers exceptional slip resistance, providing stability in slippery conditions.


Waterproof: Crafted to withstand wet conditions, this gumboot ensures your feet remain dry throughout the workday.


Chemical Resistance: Resistant to oil, acid, and blood, it offers protection against various substances encountered in industrial settings.


New Zealand Manufactured: Proudly crafted in New Zealand, this gumboot reflects quality workmanship and materials.


Safety Features: Equipped with a steel safety toe cap, this gumboot prioritizes foot protection.


Durable Design: Featuring a PVC midsole and outsole, it’s built for longevity and performance, even in challenging conditions.


When you choose the Dielectric Gumboot from HTC, you prioritize safety, durability, and reliability. Don’t compromise on your footwear – step into the future of safety with this exceptional gumboot.


Experience the difference for yourself. Invest in the Dielectric Gumboot offered by HTC today. Your feet will thank you, and your workplace will be safer than ever before.
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Insulated Gumboots
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