This innovative, self contained power pack takes oil from any vehicles PTO and cools, regulates, and controls the oil flow and pressure.

This ensures that tools receive clean oil and are protected from pressure spikes that can damage them.

Made by Doa in Italy.

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  • HYDROBOX is a compact hydraulic accessory installable on trucks and vans.  It can be installed on all vehicles equipped with a hydraulic pump or that have the possibility to install one. HYDROBOX transforms these vehicles into powerful and economical power sources for hydraulic tools and various hydraulic equipment such as winches, hydraulic generators, cranes, compressors, etc.
  • HYDROBOX is in substance a complete professional hydraulic power pack. The engine produces the hydraulic power, HYDROBOX manages the power. Vehicles fitted with a HYDROBOX unit avoid the transport, towing, load and download issues typical of using heavy and bulky electric generators or compressors. These vehicles can power a wide range of tools and equipment normally used in external urban works, in utilities line maintenance and also in operations for rescue and civil protection.
  • HYDROBOX is an accessory designed for professional use that occupies minimal space on board. It can be installed under the open loading platform of trucks (like a normal tool box). For installation, connect the HYDROBOX to the gear pump by two hoses (suction and pressure) and the vehicle will be transformed from a simple transporter into a practical and versatile hydraulic autonomous power source “on wheels”.
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