Elephant HP-20 Manual Chain Hoists with Plain Trolley

The Elephant H-100 Manual Chain Hoist is a Japanese-made hoist equipped with an overload protection safety device that prevent operation if the hoist is overloaded.  Hoist features a reinforced gear case with four ribs and four knock pins for accuracy and efficiency, and is protected by a heavy duty electrostatic powder coat finish. Double pawls support a fail-safe brake mechanism, and long lasting friction discs contribute to making this heavy duty hoist extremely wear resistant. Heavy duty manual chain hoist is fitted with galvanized load and hand chains, and a bottom hook with thrust bearing. The Elephant H-100 Manual Chain Hoist is manufactured to meet ASME B30.16, and is load tested to 125% of the rated capacity. The article may differ to the image shown.

Figure of HP-20 dimensions

Application rail width W
Capacity ( ton )
Manufacturer’s test load ( ton )
Standard lift ( m )
Headroom ( mm )
Length of load chain lifted
by pulling hand chain 1m ( mm )
Hand effort to lift full working load ( N ) ( kg )
353 X 2 ( 36 X 2 )
Width ( mm )
175 ・ 190
Minimum height ( mm )
Minimum radius ( mm )
Net weight ( kg )
  • Overload protection safety device
  • Grade 105 galvanized load chain, which adheres to the strict German DIN 5684 standard
  • Galvanized hand chain
  • Double pawls supporting fail-safe brake mechanism
  • Load sheave with roller bearing
  • The tough reinforced gear case has four ribs and four knock pins, providing accurate gear centering and high mechanical efficiency
  • Rolled edge hand wheel cover
  • Heavy duty electrostatic powder coating
  • Long life friction discs
  • Suitable for operation within a -4° ~ 140° F temperature range
  • Adjustable to fit various beam widths
  • A solid carbon steel design
  • The wheels of the trolley fit both I-Beams and H-Beams
  • Trolley wheels are parkerized for corrosion resistance
  • High quality closed bearings provide smooth traversing
  • With Anti-Drop plates
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Elephant HP-20 Manual Chain Hoists with Plain Trolley
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