Slingco Heavy Duty Triple Corner Cable Laying Roller is your go-to solution for a multitude of cable laying applications. Whether used singularly or linked together using link pins, this heavy-duty corner roller is engineered for durability and versatility, offering seamless bends and configurations in cable installations.

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Key Features:


Heavy-Duty Tubular Sections: Crafted from heavy-duty tubular sections, this corner cable roller ensures robust construction, providing the strength and resilience needed for a variety of cable laying scenarios.


3 x 110mm Diameter Large Waisted Steel Rollers: The roller features three large waisted steel rollers, each with a diameter of 110mm. These rollers, equipped with sealed roller bearings, facilitate smooth and controlled cable bending, reducing friction and enhancing cable installation efficiency.


Zinc Plated Finish: A zinc-plated finish not only adds a professional look but also provides corrosion resistance, protecting the roller in diverse environmental conditions and ensuring longevity.


Universal Link Pin Mount Positions: The universal link pin mount positions offer flexibility, allowing easy linking of multiple rollers to form full bends. All products in the bend roller range share the same link points, enabling various bend and roller configurations.


Weight: 8.5Kg: Balancing durability with practicality, this corner cable laying roller has a manageable weight of 8.5Kg, making it easy to handle and position on the job site.


Operational Advantages:


Versatile Configuration Options: Whether used singularly or linked together, the Slingco Triple Corner Cable Laying Roller provides versatile configuration options to suit different cable bending requirements.


Smooth and Controlled Bends: The large waisted steel rollers with sealed roller bearings ensure smooth and controlled cable bends, contributing to the efficiency and precision of cable laying operations.


Universal Link Points: The universal link pin mount positions facilitate easy linking of rollers, allowing for the formation of full bends and various roller configurations to adapt to specific cable laying challenges.


Corrosion-Resistant Construction: The zinc-plated finish not only enhances the roller’s appearance but also protects against corrosion, ensuring durability in diverse environmental conditions.
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