EZ300 Stringing Gun

The EZ300 Stringing gun by Zeitler is petrol powered so needs no electrical connection.

It is suitable for cable ducts 25 to 200mm ID.

• Blow of vacuum pull line without a compressor (1 – 4mm diameter, tensile strength up to 300kg)
• Independent of electric power supply
• For all commerically available cable conduits (internal diameter from 25 to 200mm)
• For cable installation in underground, road, tunnel bridge, railway construction
• For lengths of 1000m or more
• Huge time saving in cable installation
• Cleaning, taking water installation out, calibrating and line feeding in one step
• Lightweight and compact, easy to handle
• Excellent accessibility, even in confined spaces
• Value for money

Additional Information

More Information

Standard equipment in strong plastic case includes:
1 x Pull Line Blower EZ300
5 x shuttle complete sets in boxes, free choice of shuttle (25-200 mm)
1 x box with parachutes:
1 x for 60 to 100mm diameter
1 x for 100 to 150mm diameter
1 x cone orange, internal conduit Ø from 50 to 120 mm, with metallic head, for difficult access or frayed conduit end
1 x special equipment for smaller diameter, consisting of special black adapter plus special nozzle for 25 to 50mm internal diameters
1 x foam collar 140mm diameter with pull line supply
1 x foam collar 200mm diameter with pull line supply
1 x injection unit
1 x suction unit
1 x fuel can 0.5l (empty)
2 x pull line rolls (1mm diameter, tensile strength approx 24kg, roll of approx 900m)
1 x box with all assembly material required for shuttle assembling
1 x 2m air hose connection
1 x operating manual


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EZ300 Stringing Gun
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