Durapac BP114A Battery Hydraulic Pump

The BP114A Battery Hydraulic Power Unit is equipped with a robust 50.4 VDC high-capacity lithium-ion internal battery. Each unit comes with a wireless remote control and can power a variety of single-acting 700 bar hydraulic tools and cylinders.

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Bluetooth Wireless Operation:
Each unit comes equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled wireless remote control, along with a wired remote control for added convenience.

High-Powered Performance:
Featuring an internally installed 50.4 VDC, 7,830 mAh lithium-ion battery, delivering both power and efficiency.

Digital Display Convenience:
An onboard digital display conveniently showcases pump mode and pressure information.

Safety Assurance:
Both electronic and mechanical pressure safety valves are incorporated to enhance safety measures. Users can easily adjust pressure settings as needed.

Efficient Charging:
Includes a 110/230 Volt plug-in external charger with each unit for fast and efficient charging.

Robust Construction:
Built with a rugged and durable plastic housing, complete with a carry handle for easy portability. Hydraulic coupling, control buttons, and plug connectors are thoughtfully protected for longevity.

Pump Type Single-stage three-cylinder radial piston pump
Pump Outlets 1
Oil Flow 0.42 – 1.02 L / min. (nominal)
Max. Oil Volume (approx.) 1,400 cc
Usable Oil Volume (approx.) 1,000 cc
Maximum Pressure 700 bar
Oil Type Durapac Hydraulic Oil (DHO-10L)
Drive DC motor 60 volts
Motor Peak Power 1,400 Watts
Battery Capacity 6.3 Ah – (max 67 V)
Dimensions W x L x H (approx.) 185 x 250 x 270 mm
Weight (approx.) 7.15 kg
Power Supply Unit primarily 230 V ~, secondary 60 V, 3 A
Max. Operating Conditions -20 ° C to + 40 ° C
Environmental Conditions 0 to 100% rel. humidity
Degree of Protection According to EN 60529 IP23
Operating Mode Intermittent Operation 30% ED
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Durapac BP114A Battery Hydraulic Pump
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