Ballast Tamper RCT 1500 P

Explore the capabilities of HTC’s tamping and compacting machine, thoughtfully designed for precision work on both railway tracks and switches. This robust equipment is equipped with a reliable 4-stroke petrol engine, ensuring efficient and consistent performance.

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HTC’s RCT 1500 P Ballast Tamper , with innovative vibration-absorbing handles, engineered to effectively minimize the transmission of vibrations to the operator’s body. This not only enhances comfort but also reduces operator fatigue during prolonged use.
In addition to its outstanding performance, the RCT 1500 P Ballast Tamper  boasts a surprisingly lightweight construction, facilitating effortless maneuverability. Furthermore, the process of replacing the tamping tool is straightforward, simplifying maintenance and minimizing downtime.
Opt for HTC’s versatile and efficient tamping and compacting machine for your railway projects. Experience the perfect combination of power, operator comfort, and operational ease. Invest in the future of railway maintenance today.
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Ballast Tamper RCT 1500 P
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