AK46 Hydraulic Core Drill

AK46 is a hydraulic core drill designed for manual use or for use with drill rigs.

  • The tool is available in two configurations:
    • AK46 S – for holes from ø 30 a 100 mm
    • AK46 G – for holes from ø 80 a 160 mm.


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  • The hydraulic functioning and the superior technical characteristics assure a series of advantages not obtainable from traditional electric core drill tools, including:
    • Impossibility to cause electric shocks, can work even in complete water immersion
    • Absence of vibration and noise
    • Unbeatable ratio weight/power/dimension
    • Long operative life and minimal maintenance needs
    • Hydraulic motor cannot be damaged even in case of prolonged block of rotation or overload (which is a condition that will damage electric tools)
    • The AK46 is in many conditions the unique alternative to traditional electric tools, being ideal in the maintenance of gas, water, sewer networks
    • Superior performance when creating a pipe passage through walls of historical buildings that cannot cope with vibrations, or inside trenches with high water pressure or when working underwater.


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AK46 Hydraulic Core Drill
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