Adjustable Breakback Torque Wrench 3/4″Dr, 36 teeth 200-800Nm (150-600ft/lb), ±4%. Display Window

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The Wayco Adjustable Breakback Torque Wrench is not just a tool; it’s a testament to precision, durability, and thoughtful design, tailored for industrial applications that demand reliability.

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Key Features:


Industrial Durability:
Engineered for industrial applications, this torque wrench is built to withstand rigorous conditions, ensuring longevity and performance even in challenging work environments.


Two-Direction Tightening:
The push-through ratchet design enables two-direction tightening, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in various torque applications.


Clockwise Torque Measurement:
Torque measurement is focused on the clockwise direction, ensuring accurate and controlled tightening where it matters the most.


Unique Linking Plate Design:
The innovative linking plate and support plate design creates a distinct “torque break point,” minimizing the risk of over-torquing. This feature is especially crucial in demanding working conditions.


Dual Scale for Readability:
The easily readable dual scale, featuring N-m and Ft-lb, is displayed below a window, providing clear torque readings and eliminating guesswork during operation.


Ergonomic Handle Grip:
The ergonomically shaped plastic handle grip ensures user comfort during extended use, promoting efficiency and reducing fatigue.


Portable and Easy to Transport:
The wrench can be split into two parts, facilitating a smaller and more manageable package for easy transportation between job sites.


Factory Calibration Certificate:
Supplied with a factory calibration certificate, this torque wrench comes with documented proof of its precision, assuring users of its accuracy.


Protective Blow-Mould Storage Case:
The inclusion of a protective blow-mould storage case ensures secure storage and transport, safeguarding the tool from damage.
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Adjustable Breakback Torque Wrench 3/4″Dr, 36 teeth 200-800Nm (150-600ft/lb), ±4%. Display Window
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