UNI42 Manual Tube Bender

Effortless operation, simple and easy to use. Strong, tempered steel gears on ball bearings. Accurate, clean bends with minimal deformation. Versatile, able to bend a variety of tube and pipe. Quick, minimal set up time, quick-release pins for formers and rollers.

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UNI42 Manual Tube Bender specifications:


Steel – max diameter 42mm, max wall thickness 3mm
Stainless steel – max diameter 35mm, max wall thickness 2mm
Steel conduit – max diameter 38mm, max wall thickness 1.5mm
Gas – max. diameter 31.75mm standard
Capable of bending large diameters as well as thin and delicate tubes with minimal tube deformation
Weight: 18kg
Lightweight and portable

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UNI42 Manual Tube Bender
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