Torque Wrench – Electric 1-1/2″ DR 6000NM

Electric Torque Wrenches Torque Wrench – Electric 1-1/2″ DR 6000NM

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These easy-to-operate electric torque multipliers are designed for precision tightening and loosening of all heavy-duty fastening applications. From tightening large industrial bolts used in windmill gearbox assemblies to bolting maintenance applications for oil & gas pipelines and rigs, torque multipliers achieve precision torque in a quick, cost-efficient manner.

2400 – 6000NM torque capacity
1-1/2″ drive size
Ergonomically safer than the harmful hammering of impact wrenches
Single phase 220-230V
Unit weight 11.4kg

Note: Specifications are approximate, model & specifications may vary.

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Torque Wrench – Electric 1-1/2″ DR 6000NM
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