Tone GST55TE-RL Electric 1-1/2″ DR 5500NM
This unit has a capacity of 2000 – 5500NM and goes especially well in the structural steel space. Best suited to provide reliable grunt to snug plus angle or torque plus turn applications.

Unlike a hydraulic wrench which only takes quarter turn bites and generally requires two operators, these tools are continuous turn like an impact gun but without the noise and fatigue.

Made in Japan by Tone

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More Information

These easy-to-operate GST55TE-RL Tone electric torque multipliers are designed for precision tightening and loosening of all heavy-duty fastening applications. From tightening large industrial bolts used in wind turbine gearbox assemblies to bolting maintenance applications for oil & gas pipelines and rigs, torque multipliers achieve precision torque in a quick, cost-efficient manner.

2000 – 5500NM torque capacity
1-1/2″ drive size
Ergonomically safer than the harmful hammering of impact wrenches
Single phase 220-230V
Unit weight 11.4kg

Note: Specifications are approximate, model & specifications may vary.


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