Petrol powered pump

Petrol powered pump

DURAPAC – Petrol Hydraulic Power Units are engineered to meet Industrial Standards for Performance and Safety.
The PPM2014 Petrol powered pump model features a powerful 4 stroke high pressure hydraulic power unit, equipped with a protection cage that makes it easier to move and lift and provides protection on construction sites.
With a 10 litre aluminium reservoir it may be used with a wide range of equipment.

Including post tensioning and rail tensors

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Powerful Honda GXV 2.6 kW 4 stroke petrol engine
Aluminium 10 litre oil reservoir
Rugged tubular protection cage
Easy to read, large 100mm diameter glycerine filled pressure gauge (optional)
4 way, 3 position manual directional valve with internal check valve
Fast 4.5 Lpm first stage (70 bar) oil flow and 1.8 Lpm oil flow at 700 bar

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Petrol powered pump
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