Industrial Mobile Induction Heater


Industrial Mobile Induction Heater DHI-45C INDUSTRY – quick and safe heating for workshops and industry.

DHI-45C INDUCTION HEATER is a portable, water-cooled induction heater with a two-metre induction burner designed for heating of ferromagnetic and conductive materials with optional replaceable extenders for induction coils. Its designed is optimised for use of round coils with optional specific focus coils. Its compact and robust design, versatile uses, mobility, smooth power adjustment, high power output and ease of use make it ideal for diverse applications in manufacturing operations, prototype shops, automation and other industries.

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Industrial Mobile Induction Heater Uses:

Heating of tubes, round metal, sections, sleeves, nuts, bolts and other structural elements for pressing, soldering, forming, bending, forging, surface hardening, defrosting, etc.
Wider heating parameter setting options
The device is ready for use in automated operations.
Mobile soft soldering and brazing.
Generally applicable to same uses as propane-butane and oxyacetylene torches with the advantage of a controllable process.
High power output at power supply 1x 230 V and 16 A breaker.



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Industrial Mobile Induction Heater
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