Handle for 12.5T Load Skates

Handle for 12.5T Load Skates

Slides into the load skate, which provides control when manoeuvring particularly so when the turntable is fitted onto the load skate. It also allows the ability to pull the load

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Low profile load movers designed to facilitate the moving, positioning or installation of a wide range of loads such as heavy equipment, machinery, and bridge structures.

12.5T capacity per skate (50T per set of 4)
Hardened steel rollers
Ideal for moving heavy loads
Requires a hard level surface
275 L x 140 W x 100 H (mm)
Each skate weighs 18kg

Skates can be used with turntables (#750107) & handle (#750105) to assist with maneuvering.

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Handle for 12.5T Load Skates
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