Success Story: Make More Money with Reid Porta Gantry

There’s an old saying that goes “Time is money”. It means that every second of your life can either be wasted or well-spent depending on what you choose to do with it.

Transport Repairs is well-aware of this. Having branches in Christchurch, Dunedin, Blenheim, Invercargill, Cromwell, and Gore, offering truck and trailer parts for all makes and models, their schedule is hectic. Team members are always on the move.

Their tasks involve moving cradles from logging trucks, changing radiators on trucks, lifting decks, and changing tanks on trucks. It usually takes hours for them to complete such tasks using a forklift with a sling. Not only is this time-consuming, but it is also dangerous and difficult.

Fortunately, they came across the Reid Porta Gantry. They found it to be a much faster, safer, and more efficient alternative. It was also much cheaper than the fixed gantry.

Indeed, it was a really good buy. Transport Repairs loved the gantries so much that they bought them for all (or most) of their branches.

For the Christchurch branch, the company bought two 3-ton 5m high gantries. Here, a tank is shown being changed on a milk truck.

Ever since Transport Repairs got the Reid Porta Gantry, it was able to save a lot of time, energy, and money. The equipment has made lifting and moving heavy things around easier and safer.

It can actually straddle a truck deck as well as take out a radiator from a flat face truck engine with relative ease. Tasks that used to require several to carry out now only require one person.

The cost savings compared to installing an overhead fixed gantry are enormous. They were probably able to save half a million dollars for the entire workshop as they would have needed multiple gantries.

These portable gantries can be moved from bay to bay, and don’t need an especially reinforced building. Their maintenance and compliance are also a fraction of a fixed gantry.

Transport Repairs made the right decision of choosing Reid Porta Gantry from HTC. Aside from excellent products and services, we also provide the certifications that come with the equipment.

HTC is the official distributor of Reid Porta Gantry in New Zealand. To see current offers you may go to the website: or call 0800 48 2000.

For more information about Transport Repairs, you may check their website at and follow them on Facebook via

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