HTC at the ConnexisNZ Annual Connection 2022

It was an awesome 3 days at the ConnexisNZ Annual Connection 2022 in Levin last 27th-29th September. This event showcased the fantastic skills of NZ’s electricity supply workers who continue to keep our country connected.

The competitions are a display of the skills, training, and knowledge which line mechanics and cable jointers rely on every day to keep power flowing to homes and businesses around New Zealand.

HTC held a push up and pull competition for participating line mechanics and cable jointers.


This is Josh from Autotransform who did the most pushups. He is an exhibitor so didn’t qualify for the prizes but easily did the most at 90 in a row.


This is Judea from Connetics in Tawa. He came in second with 60 push ups.


This is Lenny from Wel Networks. He is 55 and did 65 push-ups in a row and thus won our push up competition.

To find out more about the event go here>


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