Portable Track Pin Press - 100T

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Portable Track Pin Press - 100T


Hire: Min: 4 hours $260.00
Day: 24 hours $325.00

Damage waiver and GST not included

Code: 100904


Hydraulic track presses are used for the removal or installation of the pins from the undercarriage tracks of excavators, bulldozers, tanks, tractors, and similar track propelled machinery.

This portable track pin press makes it possible to disassemble and reassemble chain sections, driving wheels, pulleys, rollers, gears, bearings and shafts in either the field or workshop.


  • Safe and effective removal / installation of track pins, master pins, bushings and master bushings 
  • Reduction in labour hours 
  • Cost effective 
  • Eliminates old dangerous methods
  • Makes field operations easier


Included with the Portable Track Pin Press:

  • 100T 350mm stroke cylinder with C‐Frame, safety guards and lifting eyebolts
  • 10 sets of tooling to suit pin sizes: 19.3 - 23.7, 23.7 - 30.1, 30.1 - 33.2, 33.2 - 36.4, 36.4 - 39.6, 39.6 - 42.8, 42.8 - 45.9, 45.9 - 52.3, 52.3 - 58.6 & 58.6 - 60.2mm
  • 20T x 12mm stroke flat jack
  • Set of hand tools
  • Chain block, tripod, flat sling (Used to assist the positioning of the pin press during operation in the field).
  • Wooden carry case

A double acting hydraulic pump and hydraulic hoses are required to operate this pin press - these are supplied additionally if required.

Note: Specifications are approximate, model & specifications may vary.

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