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Flip Top Type


Hire: Min: 4 $48.00
Day: 24 hours $55.00

Damage waiver and GST not included

Portable unit can be used with an electric, manual or air powered pump. Designed to bend various sizes and thicknesses of material without wrinkles. Aluminium plates ensure the unit is light enough to be carried around sites.

  • Thin conduit: min diameter 15.9mm, max diameter 76.2mm
  • Thick conduit: min diameter 21.0mm, max diameter 87.9mm
  • Gas pipe: min diameter 21.0mm, max. diameter 76.3mm
  • Weight: 18.6kg
  • Check pipe spec's with our hire staff to ensure correct bender selection

Note: Pipe bender is suppled with a full set of rollers and bending shoes.

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