York 4-14 ET Line Borer

The York 4-14ET portable line-boring machine is our finest yet, dependable and extremely powerful.

A unique feature is the variable speed feed system with rapid traverse. This feed system provides 14 inches (358mm) of cutting tool travel. Our control panel adds ease to the operation.

Reduce your heavy equipment down time with the York 4-14 ET portable line-boring machine.

Contact us with your requirements. York offer a large range of line boring equipment to suit any job.

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Advantages include:

  • Portable – Powerful – Flexible
  • Electric: Brand new, higher torque, four variable-speed boring bar drive
  • Faster speeds for better results 80/130/360/570 rpm
  • Variable feed speeds with 14 in (358 mm) tool travel and rapid traverse
  • Line boring from 1.5 in – 16 in (38.1 mm – 406.4 mm) with our electric drives or up to 24 in (609.6 mm) with our hydraulic bar drive
  • Line bore vertically or horizontally
  • Calibration wrench available to accurately adjust the cutting tool
  • Digital touch pad, LED indicator lighting, optional remote
  • Universal mount for line boring and bore welding – allowing you to set up ahead while you work
  • Hydraulic Options: Three powerful variable-speed motors to choose from


Applications include:

  • Logging
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Pulp
  • Paper
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Crushers
  • Excavators
  • Gears and Gear Boxes
  • Loaders, Buckets
  • Motor Housings
  • Pumps
  • Turbines


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York 4-14 ET Line Borer
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