XYD-2N Mini Tamping Machine

The XYD-2N Mini Tamping Machine is designed to enable tamping of railway lines during routine maintenance and construction. The machine comprises of 2 tamping work heads that operate independently via 2 levers, one to raise and lower the head and one to operate the tamping tynes. The working frame provides effective manoeuvrability on track to enable high productivity. The machine is capable of operating on concrete, steel and timber sleepers even if they are inter-dispersed through a section of track. Available in petrol or diesel models.

More Information

  • Frequency: 63hz
  • Vibration Force: 21kn
  • Insert Depth: 90mm Below Underside Of Sleeper
  • Working Pressure Of System: 6.0mpa
  • Track Gauge: 1067mm, 1435mm & 1600mm
  • Total Mass: 1200kg
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XYD-2N Mini Tamping Machine
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