Tehma CC300 Hydraulic Concrete Crusher

The Tehma CC300 portable handheld hydraulic concrete crusher demolishes quickly and accurately reinforced concrete structures and objects, bricks and stones walls, masonries, ceilings, pillars, stairways and every concrete section up to 250 mm (R = 325 kg / cm2). The extreme power allows demolition without generating dangerous percussion and vibrations that usually damage the structures. The interchangeable tips ensure the best performance and long life of the jaws.

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Demolition where is necessary preserving the structure/building integrity avoiding dangerous vibrations (historical buildings, luxury apartments, structures that can fall down).

Wherever it is important to work quickly and cleanly without generating dust (hospitals, production departments of companies).

For any demolition where noise level needs to be kept to a minimum (condos, offices, schools).

Wherever for reason of space or transportability it is impossible using bigger and heavier machineries (buildings upper floors, aerial platforms, in confined spaces such as basements).

Useable in the presence of water and for underwater demolitions.

U.S.A.R. (Urban Search and Rescue) use, where it is necessary to help the victims trapped under rubble caused by earthquakes, floods and explosions due to gas leaks.

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Tehma CC300 Hydraulic Concrete Crusher
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