Riken WP-1B Water-Pressured Manual Pump

The Riken WP-1B Water-Pressured Manual Pump can produce up to 700 Bar of pressure using water as its ‘hydraulic fluid’. They are designed to be used safely around flammable material or where usage of oil or chemicals isn’t advised for example in proximity to a weld site. These are built using stainless steel or special steel with rustproof treatment on all contact areas with water to prevent rust throughout the tool.
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  • Discharge volume at low pressure (0-2mPa) – 13.0cm³/Stroke
  • Discharge volume at high pressure (2-70mPa) – 2.3cm³/Stroke
  • Tank volume – 700cm3
  • Effective water volume – 600cm3
  • Approx. gross weight – 6.2kg
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Riken WP-1B Water-Pressured Manual Pump
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