The Slingco Reel Lifter is engineered for seamless handling of large cable reels, both on-site and in warehouses. This high-capacity, compact unit revolutionizes the utility construction industry by enabling safe loading, transportation, and dispensing of wire and cable with remarkable efficiency.

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Key Features:


Rugged Construction: The Reel Lifter boasts rugged construction designed to lift and upend large cable reels, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding environments.


Easy Rotation Mechanism: Facilitating the unrolling of cable, the reel lifter incorporates an easy rotation mechanism, streamlining cable dispensing operations.


Counterweighted Bottom Arm: Equipped with a counterweighted bottom arm, the lifter ensures easy insertion into the reel, enhancing operational convenience during setup.


Side Lifting Eye: The inclusion of a side lifting eye offers versatility, allowing reels to be positioned in both rolling and non-rolling orientations to accommodate various operational needs.



Operational Advantages:


Efficiency in Cable Dispensing: The Reel Lifter transforms the cable dispensing process, enabling a single operator to perform tasks that traditionally required a team of three or four people. This enhancement significantly improves crew efficiency.


Versatile Industrial Applications: Beyond utility construction, the lifter finds application in various industrial settings, simplifying the movement and relocation of reels within warehouses.




High Capacity: The Reel Lifter is engineered with a high capacity to handle substantial cable reels, contributing to its efficiency in large-scale cable management.


Designed for Safe Operations: The Reel Lifter is designed with safety in mind, ensuring secure handling of large cable reels during loading, transportation, and dispensing operations.


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