Manual Pipe Cutters

When the job requires a pipe be cut, but space is limited, your best option is a Wheeler-Rex manual chain pipe cutter. No vise required – cutter does not rotate around pipe.

  • Often referred to interchangeably as chain cutters or snap cutters, Wheeler Rex cutters feature a flexible chain that wraps around the pipe and locks in place.
  • Inside each link of chain is a small circular cutting wheel.
  • Once the chain is locked in place, you squeeze the handles together, pulling the chain tight.
  • The cutter wheels create even pressure from all sides and cut into the pipe, creating a “pop” sound that mean your pipe has been cut cleanly and evenly.

Additional Information

More Information

  • One stroke action clearly cuts pipe fast (590 only).
  • Ratchet action cleanly cuts pipe in tight quarters (490).
  • Hardened deep penetrating cutter wheels make fast clean cuts.
  • No adjustments between cuts.
  • Does not depend on pipe for leverage.
  • Works on irregular shapes.
  • Made in USA.
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Manual Pipe Cutters
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